Our Story

Cradock Performance is brother sister duo Adrian Cradock and Eimear Cradock. Collectively we have over 2 decades experience working at the cutting edge of Physiotherapy, Sports Rehabilitation and Sports Performance.

Here at Cradock Performance Our Goals are:

  • To Get You Out of Pain Fast
  • To Identify and Correct the Root Cause of Dysfunction/Injury/Pain.
  • To Optimise how the Whole Body is Moving
  • To Promote Life Long Health and a Happy Life by Improving Fitness, Strength, Mobility, Breathing, Lifestyle, Diet and Mindset.

We use both Evidence Based Methods and Innovative Techniques in a Unique approach to Injury Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Sports Performance.

We are committed to providing the best possible results for our clients and our post-graduate studies are on-going to remain at the cutting edge of our fields.


Eimear Cradock

BSc. Physiotherapy Hons (4 Years), MISCP, MCPSEM, HCPC, AHPRA


Eimear is passionate about Movement, Health and High Performance. Her pursuit of excellence in the world of Physiotherapy, Sports Rehabilitation and Movement Excellence has led her to work some of the World’s best athletes.

Having spent 4 years in Australia working with the Australian Canoe Slalom Team (2012 – 2016), she was selected by the Australian Olympic Council to travel to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games as Physiotherapist to the Canoe Slalom Team. Here Jessica Fox won Bronze in the K1W event, to add to her Silver medal from London 2012.

Whilst in Australia Eimear also worked with World Champion Age Group Olympic Distance Triathlete and Pro Triathlete 70.3 Andrea Forrest and numerous elite Triathletes, Open Water Swimmers, Cricketers and professional Rugby League players.

Eimear’s pursuit of excellence in the world of Injury Rehabilitation, Human Movement and Human Performance has lead her on an ongoing journey of further study of various aspects of Healing, Human Movement and Performance with such courses as Neurokinetic Therapy, Integrated Cranial Work, Yoga Teacher Training, Strength and Conditioning, Oxygen Advantage Breath Work Masterclass, Integrated Dry Needling, SFMA, AiM, and Ido Portal’s Movement Methods.

Eimear leads an active life and enjoys Olympic Weightlifting, Yoga, Open Water Swimming, Long Distance Road Biking and the occasional Marathon.

Adrian Cradock

BSc. Sport Rehab. & Athletic Therapy Hons (4 Years), BASRaT, CSCS, RKC, HKC


Adrian is passionate about Movement, Health and High Performance. He has been working in the area of Sports Rehabilitation, Strength and Conditioning and High Performance for over a decade now with some of Ireland’s and the World’s best athletes.

Over the years, Adrian has worked as a Strength & Conditioning and Rehabilitation Coach with Connacht Rugby, Galway Men’s Senior Football Team, Galway United FC and the Irish Men’s Senior Rugby Team. He has worked with clients who have achieved incredible feats such as Peter O’ Connell reaching the summit of Mount Everest in 2013, as well as Premiership Soccer Players, Elite Golfers, National Champions in Gaelic Handball, Strongman, Hurling, Football, Ultra Marathon Runners, Ironmen, Professional Boxers and World Champion Power Lifter Sharon Conroy.

Adrian’s Professional Development is ongoing and he is Certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, RKC and HKC kettle bell instructor, Dry Needling Specialist, has studied numerous Osteopathic and Orthopaedic post graduate courses to remain at the cutting edge of his field such as NKT and AiM.

Sporting Experience & Clients have included:

Olympic Games Rio 2016
Australian Canoe Slalom Team
Jess Fox: 4xWorld Champion, Olympic Silver Medal London 2012, Bronze Medal Rio 2016 K1W
World Championships Canoe Slalom 2014 USA
Oceania Canoe Slalom Championships
Australian Open Canoe Slalom
Irish Rugby Team
Munster Rugby
Galway Men’s Senior Football Team
Galway United Football Club
Pro 70.3 Triathletes Andrea Forrest
World Champion Olympic Distance Triathlete 25-29 years Andrea Oracki
World Champion Powerlifter Sharon Conroy
Intercounty GAA Teams
World University Games
World Junior/U23 Championships Canoe Slalom
World Junior and U23 Fencing Championships
NI Junior Sailing Squad
NI Archery Team
NI Ladies Soccer Team
Premiership Soccer Players
Elite Golfers
Professional Boxers
World Championship Medallists Irish Dancing – Kate Barclay
Paralympic Cycling Champion Eoghan Clifford

Individual client accomplishments include:

Climbing Mount Everest
Ironman Finishers
Marathon Finishers
Ultra marathon runners
English Channel swimmers
National Champions in Handball, Boxing, Strongman, Hurling, Camogie, and Football